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28 April 2008

International Conference DeSSerT 2008

April 23-26, 2008. STC staff was co-organizers of the Third International Scientific and Technical Conference “Dependable Systems, Services & Technologies (DESSERT’08)”, Kirovograd, Ukraine. The main goal of the conference was discussion of research results in the area of dependability development and assessment (reliability, safety, and survivability) for complex instrumentation and control systems as well as their components. A presentation of new book “Fault-safe PLD-based Instrumentation and Control Systems” by Kharchenko V.S. and Sklyar V.V. was conducted in the context of the conference (full bibliography: Kharchenko V.S., Sklyar V.V. (edits). Fault-safe PLD-based Instrumentation and Control Systems.- National Aerospace University “KhAI”, Research and Production Company “Radiy”, 2008. – 380 p.).

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