Scientific and technical  center of infrastructure safety research and analyze
30 November 2012

International Scientific and Technical Workshop on “Critical Computer Systems and Technologies” (CriCTechS)

November 30, 2012. Center’s staff participated in organization and carrying out of a regular workshop session ( on Technologies of development and safety assurance for critical systems based on programmable logic. Methods for development of control firmware for railway automatic equipment. A paper of “Problems of information security of I&C systems in FPGA: control, assessment, assurance” was presented (National aerospace university “KhAI”, Kharkov, Ukraine).

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17 November 2012

WS on Project GreenCo

November 16-17, 2012. Center’s staff participated in a two days workshop within a Project TEMPUS GREENCO Green Computing & Communications together with representatives from Great Britain, Greece, Italy, and Slovakia in Kharkov, Ukraine. Two papers “World before GREENCO: TEMPUS-MASTAC-SAFEGUARD trend: state of art, objectives, strategy of curriculum and courses” and “Smart Grid Technologies: Problems and Solutions” were presented.

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