Scientific and technical  center of infrastructure safety research and analyze

Direction of the Center

Vyacheslav Kharchenko

Head of Center, Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Academic of International Academy of Sciences of Applied Radioelectronics.

Short biography

Was born in 1952 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Graduated from high school in 1969 (Poltava, Ukraine). Graduated with honors from Kharkov High Command-Engineering Military School of Rocket Forces named after Soviet Union Marshal N.I. Krylov in 1974; received a qualification of «Military electrical engineer», speciality of «Autonomous flying objects control systems and their technological electrical equipment».

After army (1974-1978), graduated from military academy and defended PhD thesis at Military Academy named after F.E. Dzerzhinskiy (today Military Academy named after Peter the Great) (1981, thesis theme «Methods of control and diagnosing of microprogrammed automata of board control systems»), then worked as a teacher (1981), senior teacher (1986), and associate professor (1987) of Engineering Cybernetics department. Graduated by correspondence from All-Union Institute of Patent Expertise (1984-1986) with qualification of «Patent engineer».

Since 1987 work as a head of Automated Monitoring and Control Systems department at KhVVKIURV; and since 1992 – as a head of Control and Exploitation Systems of Rocket-Space Complexes department at Kharkov Military University.

Full professor (1992), Doctor of Sciences (1995, thesis theme «Theoretical foundation of fault-tolerant digital systems with version redundancy»).

A Member of New York Academy of Sciences (1994). A Member of IEEE (2002).

A Member of the SERENE Work Group (Software Engineering for Resilient Systems) (2009) concerning Resilient Software and Systems problems; Work Group is a part of ERCIM.

A Member of Global committee (2008).

Since 2001, after transferring to the reserve from Ukraine Armed Forces, has been working as head of Computer Systems and Networks department at National Aerospace University “KhAI”, named after N.E. Zhukovskiy. Leading expert and consultant of several organizations and firms (State Scientific and Technical Center of Nuclear and Radiation Safety (1997-2010), Certification Center of ACS (since 2001), Design Bureau of Automatic Control Systems JSC «RPC “Radiy”» (since 2003)).

Expert of State Accreditation Commission on the section of «Computer sciences and technologies» (2001-2007). Expert of High Accreditation Commission on the section of «Telecommunications and Radio Electronics » (2008-2010).

As Academician-secretary (chairman) of Dependable Systems and Technologies Branch of International Academy of Sciences of Applied Radioelectronics elected in 2008.

Professional experience

Teaching of educational disciplines; conducting of trainings on methods of digital automaton synthesis; software and programmable logic systems quality assurance and assessment.

Development of 5 state standards (development head of 3 standards) and 8 branch standards (development head of 2 standards) in the area of instrumentation and control systems as well as software for nuclear-power engineering and aerospace branch.

Technical review implementation and consulting support of instrumentation and control systems projects for both NPP and aerospace complexes. Development and using of tools for the assessment of quality, reliability, and safety of instrumentation and control systems, software and programmable logic devices.

Awards and honorary titles

Awarded with the gold medals for progresses in high school (1969) and military school (1974). Awarded in 1978 with VDNKh USSR gold medal for the plant that models microprogrammed automata; awarded in 1981 with «Labor valour» honorary sign (for progresses in research and development of monitoring and test systems for rocket-space complexes.

Honored inventor of Ukraine (1990), awarded with name watches by Ministers of Defense (1990, 1994, 1998) for progresses in science and specialists preparing. In 1998 was entered on «Outstanding pedagogues of Kharkov high school» book. Awarded in 2002 with academician Pilyugin (Russian Federation) cosmonautics medal. Awarded with Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine medals «Excellent person in higher education» (2005) and «Achievements in science» (2009). National Aerospace University “KhAI” «Ikar» prize holder in the following nominations: «The best scientist» (2006), «The best department head» (2008). More than 30 charters and diplomas (both state and regional levels) for the progresses in science and specialists preparing (since 1974).

12 charters for the best papers and for preparing of both international and national conferences (since 1998).

Scientific interests

Development of: multiversion systems theory; methods and means of assessment and ensuring for reliability, survivability, and functional safety of information control and processing systems; technologies for developing and assessment of dependable NPP systems, aerospace complexes, business-critical systems.


Author of 16 monographs, 5 textbooks, 32 educational and methodical aids, more than 170 papers, including 65 papers and reports that published in academic journals of Ukraine, Russia, Holland, Germany, USA. Author of more than 600 inventions; more than 100 inventions used in industry.

Organizing of scientific and technical conferences, seminars, and centers

Organizer and supervisor of: «Reliability, survivability, and safety of flying complexes control systems» scientific and technical seminar (1994-2000); «Critical computer systems and technologies» (2001), which has the All-Ukrainian status (

Chairman of I-V International conferences “DEpendable Systems, SERvices&Technologies” DESSERT 2006-2010 ( More than 230 specialists from 16 countries participated in the last conference.

Organizer of 1st Workshop on “Critical Infrastructure Safety and Security” (CrISS-DESSERT 2011,

Head of “Dependable computer systems, services, and technologies” scientific and technical center (DESSERT-center,, UIC «STMicroelectronics-KhAI» which is based on department of the university.

Preparing of scientists

Supervised 1 Doctor of Sciences and 31 PhDs (since 1988). At present time – supervisor and consultant for 4 persons working for doctor’s degree, 16 PhD students. Supervisor of 17 research projects (since 1987). Head of several projects on problems of reliability and safety of computer control systems for critical using.

A member of 9 specialized committees on theses defense (since 1995).

Was an opponent for 11 doctoral theses and 23 PhD theses.

International grants and projects

Received several international grants for participation in conferences (Germany (1999), Greece (2002), the Great Britain, 2005, etc.), scientific probations (the Great Britain, grant of Royal Institution of Great Britain, 2003-2004; Slovakia, grant of Slovak academy of sciences, 2010).

Invited in 2006 to Germany to lecture PhD students. Head of TEMPUS project (2006-2009) – studying of masters and doctors of sciences in critical aerospace computing branch; the project was implemented together with the universities and scientific centers of London, Newcastle (the Great Britain), Turku (Finland). Head of SAFEGUARD project (2010-2013) on development of masters, doctors, and training courses, and innovative collaboration between universities and industry in the area of information infrastructure safety; the project is implementing together with the universities and scientific centers of London, Newcastle (the Great Britain), Naples, Pisa (Italy), Stockholm (Sweden), Turku (Finland).

A Program Committees member of many international conferences on reliability and safety problems. Reviewer and member of editorial boards of several journals and publications under the aegis of IEEE, Springer, etc.

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