Scientific and technical  center of infrastructure safety research and analyze

About company

Scientific and technical consulting center (STC) works in one of the most critical spheres that has direct influence on two, different at first sight, but very important life aspects – comfort and safety. It is a question of, on the one hand, how to increase our life quality using informational technologies; on the other hand, how much these technologies are reliable and safe, including instrumentation and control systems developed on their basis. Such technologies and systems became the integral part of our life, and continue to penetrate into our life (the good example is computerized «clever» house), they strengthen in both regional and global senses (computer systems of Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) reactor control, aerospace objects control, communications and banks control). Informational technologies, on the one hand, are irreplaceable tool of both services providing and damage probability decreasing; on the other hand, they can diversify and increase the risks of unfavorable events.

Our mission we see in decreasing the risks that are concerned with instrumentation and control systems using, until the controlled acceptable minimum is reached. It allows to ensure specified safety level (freedom from unacceptable risk), which is reachable from technical point of view and based on current values of the society. Safety is the part of properties complex, which are named as dependability (reliability, availability, maintainability, confidentiality, integrity, and others).

We accent the attention on safety, as long as safety is the necessary condition not only for mankind survival, but for its comfortable existence and intelligent evolution. The Center realizes activities on increasing of completeness, reliability, authenticity, and demonstrability for instrumentation and control systems (of critical using) safety; the Center responds to calls that appear as a result of both critical objects and informational technologies evolution.

We speak about infrastructure safety based on the unity of problems and approaches of their solution: from naturally reliable (or insufficiently reliable) super chips (bearers of aggregate intellectual architectures) to dependable infrastructures «systems from the systems».

We are self-improving by developing the technologies of safety ensuring and assessment, by recruiting fully qualified, experienced experts; we increase the life quality by decreasing the total risks from critical objects using.

«Why we?» or ways of goals achievement:

  • Center possesses unique technologies of safety assessment and verification of critical instrumentation and control systems (I&C systems), software, and Field Programmable Gates Array (FPGA);
  • Center’s staff has an experience of original models and methods applying for supporting of safety assessment processes, verification of critical I&C systems, software and FPGAs;
  • since creation and to the present time, the Center’s basis consists of fully qualified scientists and engineers that achieved significant scientific results and have an industrial experience of practical implementations;
  • most of the staff have more that 10-years experience in the area of safety assessment of critical I&C systems, software and FPGAs (aerospace industry and nuclear-power engineering);
  • Center’s staff takes part in forming of national and branch normative base in the area of new informational technologies for critical applications;
  • Center has quality control system that certified in compliance with ISO 9001 requirements.

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