Scientific and technical  center of infrastructure safety research and analyze


Scientific and technical center for Safety Infrastructure-Oriented Research and Analysis supply services in the following fields:
  • Safety assessment of FPGA based I&C systems and applications;
  • Design assessment: evaluating attributes, such as reliability, security, and maintainability of FPGA-based systems hardware and software;
  • Development of techniques and tools for multi-version system assessment (safety & diversity);
  • Development of techniques for the Validation and Verification of FPGA-based I&C systems;
  • Development of FPGA-based systems with low power consumption, where level of power supply is taken into account for reliability assessment;
  • Development of industrial mobile applications with wireless control systems for devices used in electrical engineering (for example, transformer testing equipment);
  • Supporting the development and other work processes associated with FPGA applications;
  • Participation in the development of standards and other normative documents associated with FPGA based I&C systems, support to the development of Company QMS;
  • Certification and licensing support of FPGA based and other I&C systems;
  • Supporting the training of RPC Radiy designers;
  • Holding scientific and technical conferences and workshops focused on FPGA-based I&C reliability and safety problems as applicable to FPGA based I&C platforms in nuclear and other critical applications (for example, annual international conferences titled Dependable Systems, Services & Technologies,, and the Critical Infrastructure Safety & Security (CrISS) Workshop (

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